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Frequently Asked Questions

At Casa Loma Doors, we pride ourselves on guiding our clients through their door or stained glass installation purchase, from start to finish.
We understand that our clients may have questions or concerns leading up to acquiring one of their products for their home or business.

Below are a few basic questions that are usually asked by our clients:

What can I expect from Casa Loma when I purchase a new door for my home or business?

At Casa Loma Doors, new clients can expect nothing but high quality, friendly service during the purchasing process. The purchase itself is never a quick exchange in our showroom. The purchasing process begins with a consultation between you and one of our Casa Loma representatives. The consultations are typically done in the comfort and privacy of your home or business. Once the initial consultation and information exchange is complete, our clients are invited to our showroom to see our design portfolio of existing doors or to sketch out an original idea for their entry or interior door. The purchase is complete with installation and after-purchasing services for our clients.

What are the benefits of a door purchased at Casa Loma Doors?

At Casa Loma Doors, our doors have several benefits for our clients who purchase from us. Firstly, our doors are long-lasting and durable. We select every piece of wood, hardware and other materials used to make the doors, ensuring that each door sold from us to our clients is strong and can be used for many years to come. Secondly, our doors that are used as entry doors are properly stripped and sealed. These doors are highly energy efficient, reducing cold drafts from entering the home. And last but certainly not least, the door you purchase from Casa Loma Doors can either be an existing design or your vision can be created, handcrafted and stained by one of our own door craftsmen.

What sets Casa Loma’s technology and manufacturing process compare to other door companies?

At Casa Loma Doors, we use a system we created call the Re-Solidification Process (R-S SYSTEM).
During the re-solidification process (R-S system), we take the initial wood boards and cut them into three pieces. These three pieces of wood are then placed into a vapour-injected kiln to remove moisture from the wood for production. Once cut and dried, the inner board is reversed and the three pieces are glued back together. This process helps to take stress off the wood used to create the door, producing a stronger, long-lasting and much more stable door. Once our wood boards go through these stages, our craftsmen create our pre-designed doors or custom-made doors for our clients.

With Casa Loma’s stained glass sector, what type of stained glass projects does your company produce? What is the process for ordering, designing and installing stain glass in my home or business?

At our company, our stained glass sector designs, handcrafts and installs stained glass for the following:

  • Doors and Windows
  • Skylights
  • Wall Murals
  • Cabinetry for Homes and Offices
  • Sacral (Religious) Glass Displays

When our clients express interest in purchasing a stained glass installation, the process begins with the client selecting the type of stained glass installation and having a full consultation with one of our representatives on the design, transparency, colour and texture.
Once the client has selected a pre-existing design or has created a custom design with one of our stained glass craftsmen, our craftsmen go on to cut, create and craft the stained glass design.
Our Toronto stained glass for windows and door are created with copper foil technology (also known as Tiffany glass technology), which ensures that the stained glass for windows and doors is cut and created to fit any panel and to ensure the longevity of the product.
The cutting and fitting of the glass for all windows and doors are done with great detail and precision to ensure the perfect fit into the window or door panel.

What are your company’s installation services, repair services and warranty for your products?

Casa Loma provides full installation services for your doors and stained glass installations. Each and every installation is completed by our highly trained and experienced company installers. Once the product is purchased and installed, our company is available at any time to provide repairs and assist with other concerns as you enjoy your new door or stained glass installation.
In terms of warranty on our products, please set up a consultation with one of our company representatives to discuss different warranty options.



















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